nando stille berlin
cgi artist supervisor 2016-2000
u∅aoie∴de crew united imdb

the lake (2015/2016)
captain america: civil war (2015)
avengers: age of ultron (2015)
the man from u.n.c.l.e. (2014)
captain america: the winter soldier (2014)
das adlon (2012)
wir sind die nacht (2010/2009)
wickie und die starken männer (2009)
faktor 8 (2009)
john rabe (2008)
krabat (2008/2007)
trade (2006)
ratten 2 (2004)
das siebte foto (2003)
auch engel wollen nur das eine (2002)
das jesus video (2002)
ratten (2000/2001)

cg supervision
texture, matchmove (3de)
shade, light, render (mantra)
texture, shade, light, render (mantra)
texture, shade, light, render (mantra)
previz, set supervision, nhair, ncloth, precomp
fireworks particle fx
microscopical virus depictions
testing and application of proprietary ocean tool
texture, ncloth, transformation feather fx
matchmove, shade, light, render, comp
fur, texture, shade, light, render, comp
pre-production photo retouch
cg and set supervision, ibmr, retouch, comp
scan display design, digi-double (helicopter explosion scene)
set supervision, post vis, fur, texture

oman tv (2015)
indio beer mexico (2015)
bmw carbon m3/m4 china (2014)
bebe more 'hydrasplash' ad (2014)
airberlin 'bewegung' ad (2014)
maxxroyal ad (2013)
ricola 'chrueterchraft' website (2013)
hagebaumarkt ad (2013)
dfl promo (2013)
fa 'lotion' ad (2013)
base 'the star' ad (2013)
ricola 'alp meadow' ad (2012)
catrice 'color' ad (2012)
swisscom 'rocket' ad (2012)
lg 'air conditioner' promo (2012)
bitburger 'fan shirt' ad (2012)
audi trademark film (2012)
ct group ads (2011)
vw 'quicar' explanatory animation (2011)
loewe ad (2011)
saturn in-store clips (2011)
adelholzener 'active o2' ad (2010)
terre des hommes (2010)
mediamarkt ad (2010)
sky 'ski' (2009)
'geld macht liebe' series intros (2009)
continental 'soccer' ad (2009)
telekom t-gallery intro (2008)
central (health insurance) 'die spezialisten' (2007)
cortal consors 'bull' ad (2007)
bmw formula one 'in-box' flick (2007)
strabag 'building europe' imagefilm (2007)
cortal consors 'iceblock' ad (2006)
mcdonalds 'huettengaudi' ad (2006)
t-systems corporate story (2006)
vw 'r36' imagefilm (2006)
loewe individual (2006)
bmw formula one multi-screen projection (2006)
symantec imagefilm (2006)
toshiba lcd-tv 'fish' ad (2006)
'ladyland' series intros (2006)
disney channel opener/promostuff (2005)
job scout ad (2005)
electronic scout ad (2005)
dpd 'puls' ad (2005)
lucky strike 'swarm' ad (2005)
t-online t-dsl 'jungle' ad (2005)
neutrogena 'visibly young' ad (2005)
'totally cooked' show intro (2004)
lotto 'keno' ad (2004)
mr.proper 'coral reef' ad (2003)
premiere sport opener (2003)
schwaebisch hall spots (2002)
schwaebisch hall fox 3d adaptation (2002)
premiere tv 1-7 opener (2002)
sat1 ran wm2002 intro (2002)
pro7 'floating menu' re-design (2001)
k-toon tv stuff (2001)
premiere 'formula one' intro (2000)
allianz 'mosaik' imagefilm (2000)

matchmove, ncloth (pftrack, maya)
matchmove, rails, train cgi (pftrack, maya, arnold)
growing ice crystals, carbon tubes weaving, precomp (si, arnold, nuke)
shade, light, render (maya, arnold)
split-flap display, snow storm (si, arnold)
particle fx (si)
various 3d assets (si, arnold)
animatic (si)
ice crowd system, light, render (si, arnold)
shade, render (si, arnold)
animatic, scene setup (si)
ice meadow, scene setup, shade, render (si, arnold)
animatic (si)
smoke fx (maya)
comp (nuke)
ncloth (maya)
particle fx (si)
model, matchmove, tx, shd, rigid sim, comp (pfmatchit, si, bullet, nuke)
animatic, set dressing (si)
packshot (si)
pitch (si, nuke)
scene setup, shade, light, render (si)
comp (nuke)
snow lumps fx (maya)
comp (nuke)
render (si)
base scene setup (maya)
shade, render, comp (si, nuke)
fur, texture, shade, light, render (maya)
render (maya)
lead artist on hospital sequence (maya)
scene setup, texture, shade, light, render (si)
basic fur setup (maya)
base scene setup (maya)
creative, pitch
shade, light, render, comp (si, dfusion)
render (maya)
comp (shake)
texture, shade, fluid fx, render, comp (maya, realflow, shake)
comp (shake)
model, texture, shade, render, comp (si, shake)
shade, render (si)
shade, render (si)
scene setup, additional particle fx, render (maya)
particle fx (maya)
texture, shade, light, render, comp (maya, shake)
model, texture, shade, light, render, comp (maya, shake)
shade, light, render, comp (maya, shake)
particle fx, render (si, maya)
fur, light, render, comp (maya, shake)
fur (maya)
render, comp (si3d, shake)
soccer field, render, precomp (si3d, shake)
creative, pitch (si3d)
model (si3d)
model (si3d)
scene setup, render (si3d)

vfx for no-budget short film 'der ballon' (2013)
vfx for no-budget short film 'alter ego' (2012)
lectures at the sae munich on 'compositing with shake' (2010-2007)
media technology studies at tu ilmenau (1999-1996)

cg balloon (si)
cloth fx (maya)


rise fx
liga 01
punchin pictures
chimney group
infected post
arri commercial
spans & partner
das werk
claussen & wöbke & putz filmproduktion
hofmann & voges entertainment
rat pack filmproduktion